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Oregon Surrogacy Professionals Association (OSPA)

is a non-profit mutual benefit professional organization for Oregon surrogacy and assisted reproductive technology (ART) professionals--surrogacy and egg donation agencies, reproductive medicine clinics, mental health care providers, family formation attorneys, funds holding services, insurance providers, medical providers and other professionals that serve people in creating their families through surrogacy and assisted reproductive technologies. 

OSPA hosts bi-monthly meetings (even-numbered months) that provide professional education, guest speakers, and a chance to connect and collaborate with other Oregon surrogacy and ART professionals. 

OSPA Mission: OSPA is a non-profit dedicated to education, advocacy, collaboration, and ethical standards among Oregon Surrogacy Professionals and those we serve.

OSPA Vision: Ethical, safe, and exceptional surrogacy in Oregon.

OSPA Meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month from 12pm-2pm on even-numbered months.  (Those unable to attend in person will have the option to attend by phone or video conferencing.)

With our friendly surrogacy legal climate, fresh air and healthy lifestyle, and a committed professional community, you can’t go wrong in Oregon.  Whether you are a professional in Oregon, or considering growing your family with the help of someone in Oregon, this is a great place to start!

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